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ПЕСНЯ 030366 4000 Rainy Nights 4000 Rainy Nights (1998) 4th Reich A Drop In The Ocean A Million Light Years Away Abandon Abyss Against The Wind Against The Wind Alpha & Omega Alpha & Omega о с модос о нос и Angel Anthem Of The World Awaken The Giant Babylon Back To Madness Before The Winter Before The Winter Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond Black Diamond (Corrected) Black Diamond (Live At Wacken 2015) Blackout Blackout Blind Bloodstone Break The Ice Burn Me Down Castaway Castles in the Air Castles in the Air Celestial Dream Chasing Shadows Cold Winter Nights Coming Home Coming Home (1997) Darkest Hours Darkest Hours Darkness Deep Unknown Destiny Distant Skies Dragons Dragons Dream With Me Dreamspace Dreamspace Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Eagleheart Eagleheart (еще один прекрасный гимн Свободе) Elements Elements Elysium Elysium Emancipation Suite Part I- Dusk Emancipation Suite Part II: Dawn Emancipation Suite, Part 2: Dawn Emancipation Suite, Pt. 2: Dawn Enigma Episode (1996) Eternity (03) Episode (1996) Father Time (01) Episode (1996) Seasons Of Change (07) Episode (1996) When The Night Meets The Day (13) Eternity Event Horizon Eye Of The World Eyes Of The World Fairness Justified Fairness Justified Falling Into Fantasy Falling Into Fantasy Falling Into Fantasy Falling Star False Messiah Fantasia Fantasy Father Time Few Are Those Fight!!! Fight!!! Fire Dance Suite Fire Dance Suite Fire In Your Eyes Fireborn Fireborn Forever Forever Forever (Live) Forever Free Forever Free Forever is Today Fourth Reich Full Moon Full Moon Future Shock Galaxies Giants Glory Of The World Gotterdammerung (Zenith Of Power) Gypsy In Me Gypsy In Me Halcyon Days Hallowed Higher We Go Hold on to Your Dream Hunter Hunter Hunting High & Low Hunting High And Low [Live] I Did It My Way I Surrender I Surrender I Surrender (Rainbow cover) I Walk To My Own Song I Walk To My Own Song I'm Still Alive I'm Still Alive If The Story Is Over If The Story Is Over Infernal Maze Infinity Infinity Into Deep Blue It's A Mystery It's A Mystery It's a Mystery Its A Mystery (Bonus) It’s a Mystery Just Carry On Keep The Flame Kill It With Fire Kill It With Fire Kill The King King Of Nothing Kiss Of Judas Know The Difference Know The Difference LEGIONS [album: VISIONS, 1997] Last Night On Earth Last Shore Learning To Fly Leave The Tribe Leave The Tribe Legions Legions Legions Liberty Lifetime In A Moment Lord Of The Wasteland Lord Of The Wasteland Lost Without A Trace Luminous Magic Carpet Ride Man In The Mirror Maniac Dance Millenium Millennium Million Lightyears Away Mother Gaia (с текстом и с переводом) Move The Mountain Move The Mountain My Eternal Dream Nemesis Neon Light Child Neon Light Child Night Time Eclipse Nightfall No Turning Back Oblivion Old Man And The Sea Old Man and the Sea Out Of The Fog Out Of The Shadows Out of the Fog Papillon Paradise Paradise Phoenix Phoenix Rebel S.O.S Season Of Change Season Of Change Second Sight Second Sight Second Sight Shattered Shine In The Dark Soldier's Prayer Solitude Somehow Precious Sos Soul Of A Vagabond Speed Of Light Speed of Light Stand My Ground Tears Of Ice The Abyss Of Your Eyes The Curtains Are Falling The Game Never Ends The Hands Of Time The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes The Land Of Ice And Snow The Land Of Ice And Snow The Land Of Ice And Snow (песенка легко может претендовать на статус "Гимн Финляндии" The Wasteland Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow Twilight Time Unbreakable Unbreakable Uncertainty Until the End of Days Venus In The Morning Venus in The Morning Visions Visions (Southern Cross) We Are Magic We Are The Future We Hold The Key We Hold the Key What Can I Say When Mountains Fall When The Night Meets The Day Why Are We Here? Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace? Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace? Will The Sun Rise? Will my Soul Ever Rest in Peace Will the Sun Rise? Wings Of Tomorrow Winter Winter Skies Years By Go Years Go By

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