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ПЕСНЯ 'Way In The Kingdom A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir A Fragment - (The Dying Ranger) A Fragment 2 A Fragment – (A Prisoner For Life) A Hunting Tale A Man In Love A Man Named Hods A Mormon Song A Prisoner For Life A Sailor In The North Country A Sailor's Life A Soldier And A Sailor A Texas Idol Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy All Around My Hat All Things Are Quite Silent Ally Croaker An Afternoon Like This Arbour Town As Sylvie Was Walking Bachelor's Hall - v1 Ballynamony Barbara Allen Barrack Street Belle Brandon Benjamin Bowmaneer Billy Boy [American Version] Billy Venero Blaydon Races Blood On The Saddle Blow Boys Blow Blow The Man Down Blow, Ye Winds, Blow Bob Stanford Bold Dickie Bonny Farday Border Affair Bound Down To Derry Brave Brigham Young 1 Brigham Young 2 Bronc Peeler's Song Brother's Revenge Bucking Broncho Buckskin Joe [aka Araphoe] Buena Vista Battlefield Bunker Hill By Markentura's Flowery Marge California Joe California Trail Canadee IO Captain Wedderburn's Courtship Charlie Rutlage Chesapeake And Shannon Chopo Clementine Cole Younger Come Here, Fellow Servant Come Unto Me Cotton Mill Girls Custer's Last Stand Dan Taylor Death And The Lady Do Lord Remember Me Dogie Song Down By A Riverside Down In The Valley Down South Of The Rio Grande Drinking Song Droylsden Wakes Earl Brand Earl Colvin Early In The Spring Early, Early In The Spring Edward Edwin In The Lowlands Low Eleven Slash Slash Eleven Enraptured I Gaze Ezekiel's Wheel Fair Lady Of The Plain Fare Thee Well [Dink's Song] Fare Thee Well, My Dearest Dear Farewell Nancy For He's A Jolly Good Fellow Foreman Monroe Fountains Flowing (Our Captain Calls All Hands) Freckles Free America Freighting From Wilcox To Globe Fuller And Warren Funga A La Feeya Gaol Song George Collins Georgie Git Along Home, Cindy, Cindy Git Along Little Dogies Git Yo' Ticket Go From My Window Going To Leave Old Texas Going West Green Broom Green Bushes Green Green The Crabapple Tree Greer County Hard Times Harry Bale Haul Away Joe Haunted Wood He's The Lily Of The Valley Heart Of Oak Heaven Is A Beautiful Place Hell In Texas Her White Bosom Bare Here's To The Ranger Hide-a Me Hind Horn or The Beggar Man Home On The Range How Happy The Soldier I Believe I'll Go Back Home I Found Jesus Over In Zion I Got A Hidin' Place I Got Mah Swoad in Mah Han' I Got a Key To The Kingdom I Mean To Lift Up A Standard For My King I Stood Outside The Gate I Wanta Live So God Can Use Me I Wish, I Wish I'll Be Sleepin' In Mah Grave I'm A Good Old Rebel I'm An Everyday Witness I'm Runnin' On I'm Seventeen Come Sunday If I Have Mah Tickit Lawd In Kansas In This Field In the Army Of The Lord Isle Of France It May Be De Las' Time Jack Donahoo Jack Hall Jack In London City Jack The Jolly Tar Jack-O-Diamonds Jerry, Go Ile That Car Jesse James Jim Farrow Joe Bowes John Barleycorn John Done Saw Dat Numbuh John Garner's Trail Herd Johnie Scot Johnny Cake - Had A Little Fight In Mexico Johnny Cake - Mississippi Gals Johnny Cake - On The Road To California Johnny Cake - When I Went A-Courtin' Johnny Doyle Johnny's Gone For A Soldier - v1 Johnny's Gone For A Soldier - v2 Johnny's Gone For A Soldier - v3 Juan Murray Juanita Kind Fortune Lackey Bill Lady Margaret - v2 Last Longhorn Lawd I Want Two Wings Let The Church Roll On Life In A Half-breed Shack Life In A Prairie Shack Lily Of The West Lisbon Little Black Train Is A Comin' Little Darling Little Joe, The Wrangler Little Liza Jane Little Mohea Long Lankin Lord Bateman Lord Bateman (Lord Akeman) Lord Rendal Lord Thomas And Fair Ellinor Lost River Desert Love In Disguise Lovely Joan Lucy Wan MacCaffie's Confession Maggie May Mary Wept An' Marthy Moaned Miss Lucy Had A Baby Mississippi Girls Molly Brannigan Mother, Mother, Make My Bed Mustang Gray Muster Out The Ranger My Bonnie Black Bess My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free My God He Is A Man Of War My Lover's A Rider My Ma Was Born In Texas My Parents Raised Me Tenderly Nancy Of London Napoleon Bonaparte New National Anthem New River Shore No Condemnation In My Soul No Use For The Woman Norah, Dear Norah O Shepherd, O Shepherd Oh Mary - Oh Marthy Oh No, John! Oh Sinner Old MacDonald's Farm Old Paint Old Rosin The Beau Old Time Cowboy On Board The Gallee On Monday Morning On Red River Shore One Night As I Lay On My Bed Only A Cowboy Over the Hills and Far Away - v1 Over the Hills and Far Away - v2 Ox Driving Song Oxford City Pattonio Paul Jones Philosophical Cowboy Pinto Poor Lonesome Cowboy Powder River Powderhorn Proud Nancy Punchin' Dough Put My Hand On My Head Rambling Boy Ratcliffe Highway Rattlesnake [A Ranch Haying Song] Red River Valley Red Wing Reilly The Fisherman Rigby Johnson Chandler Robin Hood And Guy Of Gisborne Robin Hood And The Bishop Of Hereford Robin Hood And The Pedlar Robin Hood And The Tanner Root Hog Or Die Rosin The Bow Rounding The Horn Roving Cowboy Salisbury Plain Sally In Our Alley She's Like the Swallow Shenandoah Shooting Of His Dear Silver Jack Sioux Indians Sir Lionel Sir Peter Parker Six Dukes Went A Fishing Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me? Some O' These Days Son David Song Of The Emigrant Trail Soon One Mawnin' Death Come Creepin' In Yo' Room Soy Pobre Vaquero - v1 Soy Pobre Vaquero - v2 Spanish Ladies Sprig Of Thyme Squeball - v1 Squeball - v2 Star Spangled Banner Steal Away To Mah Fathuh's Kingdom Still Growing Sweet Betsy From Pike Sweet Is The Budding Spring Of Love Sweet William T'owd Yowe Wi'one Horn THE BOSTON BURGLAR THE LONE STAR TRAIL TOP HAND Tail Piece Tell 'Em I'm Gone Texas Jack That Is Even So That Lonesome Valley The Arizona Boys And Girls The Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington The Banks Of Green Willow The Banks Of Newfoundland The Basket Of Eggs The Battle Of Saratoga The Battle Of The Kegs The Bird Song The Blacksmith The Bleaches So Green The Blind Beggar's Daughter Of Bethnal Green The Bloody Gardener The Blue Cockade The Bold Benjamin The Bold Lieutenant The Bold Pedlar And Robin Hood The Bonny Banks of Virgie-0 The Bonny Labouring Boy The Boozer The Bramble Briar The Broomfield Hill The Buffalo Hunters The Buffalo Skinners The Bull Rider Song The Bull Whacker The California Brothers The California Stage Company The Camp Fire Has Gone Out The Cock Fight (The Bonny Grey) The Constitution And The Guerriere The Convict The Councillor's Daughter The Cowboy The Cowboy At Church The Cowboy At Work The Cowboy's Dream The Cowboy's Lament The Cowboy's Life The Cowboy's Meditation The Cowboys' Christmas Ball The Cowgirl The Cowman's Prayer The Crooked Trail To Holbrook The Cruel Mother The Cruel Ship's Carpenter The Cruel War - v2 The Cuckoo The Curragh Of Kildare The Cushion Dance Or The Kissing Dance The Dark-eyed Sailor The Daughter Of Peggy O The Days Of Forty-Nine The Death Of General Wolfe The Death Of Queen Jane The Deceived Girl The Deserted Adobe The Deserter From Kent The Devil And The Ploughman The Discharged Drummer The Disheartened Ranger The Dreary Black Hills The Dreary Dreary Life The Drowned Lovers The Drunkard's Hell The Dying Cowboy The Dying Ranger The Dying Redcoat The Educated Feller (Zebra Dun) The Fair Fannie Moore The False Bride The Farmer's Curst Wife The Father In Ambush The Fightin' Booze Fighter The Fools Of Forty-Nine The Fox The Gal I Left Behind Me The Gentleman Soldier The Gingerbread Man The Girl I Left Behind The Girl I Left Behind Me - v1 The Girl That Wore A Waterfall The Gol-Darned Wheel The Great Round-up The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry The Green Bed The Greenland Fishery The Greenland Whale Fishery The Grey Cock [The Lover's Ghost] The Habit The Happy Miner The Hellbound Train The Horse Wrangler The Hunters Of Kentucky The Indian's Death Song The Jolly Cowboy The Kansas Line The Lass Of Richmond Hill The Lavender Cowboy The Liar's Song The Liberty Song The Lincolnshire Farmer The Little Old Sod Shanty The Little Turtle Dove The Lone Buffalo Hunter The Maiden's Lament The Man Of Burningham Town The Manchester Angel The Melancholy Cowboy The Mermaid The Moonshine Steer The Morman Bishop's Lament The Morning Dew The Murdered Brother The New Mown Hay The New York Trader The Nightingale The Noble Duke Of York The Nobleman's Wedding The Old Chisholm Trail The Old Gray Mule The Old Man From Lee The Old Man Under The Hill The Old Scout's Lament The Outlandish Knight The Patriotic Diggers The Pecos Queen The Ploughman The Poor Lonesome Cowboy - v2 The Press Gang The Pretty Mohea The Pride of Glencoe The Railroad Corral The Rambling Cowboy The Range Riders The Red Herring The Rich Lady Over The Sea The Rich Merchant's Daughter The Rich Old Lady The Road To Cook's Peak The Rolling Of The Stones The Rose Of Britain's Isle The Royal Oak The Sailor From Dover The Saucy Sailor The Sea Captain The Shanty Boy The Ship In Distress The Simple Ploughboy The Skew-ball Black The Smart Schoolboy The Smuggler's Song The Spanish Lady - v2 The Spanish Main The State Of Arkansaw The Strawberry Roan The Streams Of Lovely Nancy Or The Dreams Of Lovely Nancy The Tenderfoot The Texas Cowboy The Texas Cowboy - v2 The Three Butchers The Trail To Mexico - v1 The Trail To Mexico - v2 The Trappan'd Maiden The Tree In The Wood The Trees Grow So High The True Lover's Farewell The Turkish Lady The Twelve Apostles The U.S.A. Recruit The Wagoner's Lad The Wars Of Germany The Wells And Fargo Line The Whale Catchers The Wild Rippling Water The Wilderness Lady The Willow Tree The Women All Tell Me The World Turned Upside Down The Yankee Man-of-War The Young And Single Sailor The Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime There Was A Lady In The East Time Is Drawin' Nigh To Anacreon In Heaven UTAH CARROLL Undaunted Mary WHEN WORK IS DONE THIS FALL WILD ROVERS Walk About Elders Way Out West In Kansas Wearing Of The Blue Westward Ho When I Die When I Was A Little Boy When I Was Young When I'm Gone When Jesus Comes When The Boat Comes In (Dance To Your Daddy) When The Work's All Done This Fall Where The Bravest Cowboys Lie Whoa! Hal Buck And Jerry Boy Why, Soldiers, Why Wild Buckeroo William Taylor Wish I Was in Heabum Settin' Down Wring My Hands And Cry Yankee Doodle Ye Mar'ners All Yo' Sins Are Gonna Find You Out Young Charlottie Young Companions Young Ladies In Town Young M'Tyre Young Men, Come Marry Me

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