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ПЕСНЯ Abigail's Lullaby Andromeda Andromeda Awaken Awaken Awaken Awaken ("The Dethalbum", 2007) Awaken Mustakrakesh Awaken Mustakrakish Awaken, Musta Cracish Before You Go Better Metal Snake Biological Warfare Birthday Dethday Black Fire Upon Is Black Fire Upon Us Blazing Star Blood Ocean Blood Ocean Bloodlines Bloodlines Bloodrocuted Bloodrocuted Bonus Track Branding of the Gear Briefcase Full of Guts Burn The Earth Burn the Earth Castratikron Castratikron Comet Song Crush The Industry Death Race Deathharmonic Deathharmonic Destiny Deth Support Detheme demo Dethharmonic Dethharmonic Dethklok Gets in Tune Dethsupport Deththeme Deththeme (Melodic Death Metal) Deththeme (музыка из мультфильма металопокалипсис) Duncan Hill Coffee Duncan Hills Coffee Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle Duncan Hills Jingle Face Fisted Face Fisted Fansong Ghostqueen Givin’ Back to You Go Forth And Die Go Forth And Die Go Into The Water Goodbye, Snowy Road Hamburger Time Hatredcopter Hatredcopter Hatredy How Can I Be a Hero? I Believe I Ejaculate Fire I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin I'm Just A Rock 'N Roll Clown I'm Just A Rock 'n Roll Clown Impeach God Impeach God Inner Child Tied And Beaten In My Trunk Into the Water Intro Kill You Killstardo Abominate Laser Cannon Deth Sentence Laser Cannon Deth Sentence Magnus And The Assassin Main Theme Metalocalypse Theme Metalocalypse Theme Song Morte Lumina Murder Train A-Comin Murdertrain A Comin' Murdertrain a Comin' (Now play me some blues) Murdertrain a comin' Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider Murmaider II: The Water God Murmaider II: The Water God Partying Around the World Pull the Plug Rejoin Sewn Back Together Wrong Skyhunter Skyhunter Some Time Ago.... Starved Steel Sarcophagus Symmetry Takin' It Easy The Answer Is In Your Past The Birth / Fata Sidus Oritur / One Of Us Must Die The Comet Song The Crossroads The Cyborg Slayers The Cyborg Slayers The Depths of Humanity The Duel The Fans Are Chatting The Galaxy The Galaxy The Galaxy The Gears The Gears The Hammer The Hammer The Lost Vikings Thunderhorse Tracking / Ishnifus and the Challenge Training / Do It All for My Brother Underwater Friends Volcano Volcano Yopo

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